Valentine Kennels — It all started in 1993 when our uncle Michael moved to Hamburg, Germany and right away fell in love with German Shepherd dogs. In 1994 he acquired his first 2 dogs and began training them to compete in Schutzhund. Few years went by as the dogs grew older Michael decided to devote his life to the German Shepherd breed and take out a loan to build a kennel for the dogs and start our family business. To this day uncle Mike’s life revolves around German Shepherd, it is not his hobby its his lifestyle where he devotes 100% of his time to our beautiful dogs.


In the year 2000 our aunt Irina who is Michael’s sister, decided to continue on the same path and open which is now our largest kennel 60 miles north of Moscow in Russia. Most of our feature dogs reside and go through their initial training at our camp in Moscow. All of our breeding dogs are certified a minimum of a title IPO-1 and have excellent/excellent scores on their hips and elbows test. Therefore, we provide a 2 YEAR GUARANTEE against any hips or elbow problems, or any other genetic health issues that can arise. We are very proud of the achievements of our dogs and continue to learn and adapt to make our bond with them even more special everyday.


Which bring us to Valentine Kennels, who are Valentine Kennels? In the year 2014 Vlad decided with the help of his brother Michael and his sister Irina to open Valentine Kennels in Pocono’s Pennsylvania, roughly 1 hour West of New York City. Valentine Kennels is now the home of some of the most prestigious bloodlines in the world. Our goal at Valentine Kennels is to introduce you to your new family member and make sure you provide an safe and happy environment for them. We always have young children at our kennel visiting and spending time with our dogs, so it is very important to us that our dogs temperament are calm and safe. Our dogs love children more than they love themselves, as the very first breeder of German Shepherds once said: «The good Shepherd dog knows his master almost better than himself…» — Max Von Stephanitz.


So if you would like to join the Valentine Kennels family and adopt your next family member or just simply in the area and would like to drop by and spend some time with our dogs, give us a call ahead of time and WELCOME!!!